ZYPP advocaten is an independent niche law firm with a highly specialized law practice. We have particular expertise in real estate and administrative disputes. Our real estate practice covers all civil-law aspects of real estate law from redevelopment to property management and tenancy law. Our administrative practice is focused on spatial planning, environmental law and government liability.

Among our clients are enterprises, governments, non-profit organizations and private individuals. We are Key Advisor to the HISWA-RECRON, a sector organization for leisure enterprises. Therefore we have a strong track record in the leisure sector.

Our aim is to provide excellent legal advice at reasonable tariffs with a pleasant, personal working relationship. We believe in clarity, quality and finding a solution that fits your needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can contact us via: info@zypp.nl or +31 (0)26 702 47 87.